We are a company engaged in innovation, research & technology. We provide research and innovative services worldwide, contributing to the competitiveness of companies.

By combining know-hows, inventions and industrial property rights, we help our customers and partners in developing of products, manufacturing processes and methods, and services that enhance sustainable, environmentally friendly development, and accelerate transformation to eco-friendly energy supply. Our cooperation with universities enables our network of companies to provide the best know-hows to our partners. With the help of our partner universities we offer cutting edge research environments, and diverse IPR and licensing services.

Our research and innovation services grant competitiveness to all our partners in terms of both the private sector and public opinion. We are laying down a new path through development of smart technologies, lucrative solutions, and innovation services.

We create technologies for businesses, which benefit the entire society.

In close cooperation with our partners our multidisciplinary professionals provide help to customers regarding the development of new products, manufacturing processes & methods, and services. We, therefore, facilitate sustainable development, employment, and wealth. Based on our wide-ranging network of cooperative partners valuable knowledge becomes accessible to our clients worldwide. Our company offers experience in the field of intellectual properties, licensing, and research opportunities in the innovation field.



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