Innovation Areas:

  • Oil Drop Stop / Quick, eco-friendly, drop-proof oil changes
  • Know-how for complex utilization of red mud / (Red mud 1)
  • Development of an energy-saving hearth / A solution for burning not only biomass, but combusted gases

Innovation Areas:

  • .stl file bank / We are going to establish the first technological .stl file bank
  • Smart cities / Development of smart, vintage-style lampposts with LED lighting

Development and sale of GMO-free foods

  • We wish to develop and distribute GMO-free foods under the brand name GMOZERO® worldwide
  • We wish to establish a franchise system, under the name Freeman Café & Bakery, in order to sell Hungarian GMO-free groceries

Areas of nanotechnology research and development:

  • Development of nano-scale solar concentrators with varying refractive index to increase efficiency of solar cells
  • Manufacturing of large, thin-walled, high-strength aluminium castings made of nano-tech materials