1. .stl file bank We are going to establish the first technological .stl file bank

Information and communication technology is the nervous system of our rapidly evolving, connected world. This is the primary drive for 80% of innovations and responsible for 40% of efficiency increase lately. The world, as we know it today, will be swept aside by the fourth industrial revolution, ultimately digitalizing all industrial procedures. However, it’s not purely the expansion of technology, but a change of paradigm in business conduct. What the world needs right now is industry 4.0.

Our company is joining this trend by creating the first technological .stl file bank, and by developing its prototype products (.stl file documentation of solar concentrators, metal furniture, eco-friendly oil drop stop oil-slots).

The .stl file bank offers .stl file documentation of consumer goods (in this case trademark protected, power producing roof tiles with solar concentrators; design-protected metal furniture, eco-friendly oil outlets with manufacturing know-how) for direct purchase, which, with the help of 3D printers or CNC equipment, can be utilized to create end products or their manufacturing instruments anywhere.

This system not only allows everybody to, for instance, print their own solar cell roof tiles, but enables the use of the .stl files for small production plants to manufacture their own instruments/tools (e.g. custom solar cell roof tile’s plastic extruder tool), hence making them capable of fulfilling local mass demands without having to pay transportation costs.

The system allows customers, for a reasonable price, to upload .stl files, and download them for a certain amount in royalties.

An online training module is also integrated for new users. This function is necessary, as digitalization creates new job roles, new products, supply chains, manufacturing processes, and revaluates IT knowledge.

2. Smart cities Development of smart, vintage-style lampposts with LED lighting

Our company is developing a smart lamppost with LED lighting, as part of our innovative street lighting solutions.

The lampposts’ decorative castings resemble past ages, hence they can potentially become integral elements of old city districts after the renovation and modernization thereof.

If the experimental research succeeds, the project will result in a vintage-style, uniquely designed candelabra prototype, a miniature solar power station joined with street lighting, featuring a smart control system built up of weather and traffic sensors, solar cells, energy accumulators and LED bulbs, moreover, an aluminium and a plastic die, and the manufacturing process required for future line production of the candelabra family.