1. The'Freeman Café & Bakery / GMOZERO® brands Development and sale of GMO-free foods

In order to improve people’s health and well-being we must expand their possibilities, namely we must provide consumers with risk-free, healthy foods. Therefore we wish to develop and distribute GMO-free foods under the brand name GMOZERO® worldwide. Furthermore we wish to establish a franchise system, under the name Freeman Café & Bakery, in order to sell Hungarian GMO-free groceries. To achieve our goals we prioritize sustainable development, preservation of GMO-free food sources, eco-friendly agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and commitment to our community.

We welcome our future partners to contribute to our efforts to create a GMO-FREE LIFE symbiosis, and to methodically collect all plastic (PET bottles) and aluminium waste (aluminium cans) generated in cafés to manufacture solar cell concentrators, aluminium baking forms and furniture of it.

Our mission is to preserve GMO-free food sources

Philosophy: ‘GMO-FREE LIFE’


We are convinced that the future of competitive and sustainable agriculture lies in GMO-free production, therefore we are committed to preserving GMO-free sources of food, and to educating consumers.


Everyone has the right to know what groceries contain, and everybody deserves to have access to GMO-free products, therefore we wish to introduce Hungarian GMO-free goods in the global market.


The GMOZERO® Project guarantees to distribute products that are GMO-free from the fields to the tables. This is achieved through continuous analytical examination for all high-risk resources, with checkpoints at the milestones of the supply chain.